Software Engineer V

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Feb 21, 2023



ZIP/Postal Code

Sep 19, 2024 Insight Global

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Pay Rate

$97 - $118 (hourly estimate)

Job Description

Approved Meta Remote Locations: State of WA 165.54 Denver CO 147.79 New York NY 165.54 Houston TX 147.79 Los Angeles CA 153.35 and San Diego CA 147.79. Menlo Park CA 165.54. Burlingame CA 165.54.

Candidate must work PT zone hours.

Please include the below pre-qual questions with resume submittal.

QQ: Can you name a sorting algorithm? What is its running time in Big-O notation?

QQ: Imagine you have a list of numbers. Within a for loop iterating through its elements you have a nested for loop that iterates through all of the other elements. What is the Big-O running time of these nested for loops?

Software Engineer Mobile
Aria Companion App

Meta Reality Labs Research RL Research brings together a world-class RD team of researchers developers and engineers with the shared goal of developing AR and VR across the spectrum. The Surreal Vision research group at RL Research is seeking exceptional engineers to solve the next generation of research challenges on the path to building future machine perception enabled technologies. We are looking for talented engineers to architect and build Project Aria our next generation research device to understand the world from a human's perspective and build next generation AI and AR experiences for AR glasses.

Software Engineer

* Plan and execute on the development of React Native iOS Android app features
* Develop full-stack mobile application features in a variety of languages including but not limited to Javascript Obj-C Java and PHP
* Contribute to maintenance of existing internal and external app releases including debugging code defects and adapting to latest infrastructure and OS changes
* Collaborate with device OS team to add functionality and improve reliability of connection between app and glasses
* Improve the consistency and quality of the Aria Companion App code base

Minimum Qualifications

* B.S. degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience
* 5 years of experience in mobile app development Android preferred
* 2 years of experience in React or React Native development
* 2 years of experience on hardware device interfacing with a mobile app BLE preferred
* Ability to dive into full-stack development if project gaps arise
* Dedication to quality both in product quality and in code quality
* Self-motivated drive to push forward personal and team goals

Benefit packages for this role will start on the 31st day of employment and include medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as HSA, FSA, and DCFSA account options, and 401k retirement account access with employer matching. Employees in this role are also entitled to paid sick leave and/or other paid time off as provided by applicable law.