IT-Sr Data Engineer/28/TEC044

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Mar 06, 2023



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Aug 19, 2024 Insight Global

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Information Technology

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Pay Rate

$55 - $67 (hourly estimate)

Job Description

PostgreSQL DBA roles and responsibilities

Create the objects in the database such as triggers indexes etc.
Monitor the performance of the database and ensure optimum performance.
Identify potential issues in the database to solve them early.
Maintain backups and perform disaster recovery in case a disaster destroys the database.
Monitor security and prevent any unauthorized access to the database
Schedule consistent maintenance on the server
Maintain database schema
Manage database availability
Performance tuning
Give best practice guidance to the development team
Resolve any production data issues
Taplespace management
Role management
Develop automation technologies to accelerate the process of data loading.
Develop relational databases
Ensure data integrity
Manage user access and permissions by adding and removing users as required
Maintain the database using different utilities. This includes using like pg_ctl and psql.

Senior position with 5 years of Experience supporting Postgres in an enterprise environment.

What does the ideal candidate background look like ex: healthcare specific background etc.? Healthcare experience is not a must but a plus. The one key thing I mention is we need the person to be an infrastructure DBA not a developer. Infrastructure DBAs maintain the system help optimize ensure backups DR processes etc. They do not write any code like a developer.

Of the required skills listed which would you consider the top 3? Please list your expectations regarding years of experience for each requirement. Supporting Postgres in an large scale environment 10TB databases. Knowledge of management tools necessary to support and monitor the environment. Knowledge of how Postgres operates on Red Hat Linux to most effectively configure the system for performance. All should be 5 years experience.

What experience will set candidates apart from one another? Knowledge of other database technologies would be a huge plus MSSQL and MySQL.

Are you open to candidates that would need to be 100 remote for the duration of the engagement? Yes no concerns on remote. All my existing employees are remote

Are you open to candidates that cannot convert to FTE without sponsorship? No.

What does the team structure look like - how many members and what is the break-down of the teams skill sets ex: 1 PM 4 Developers etc.? Today I have six DBA positions that report to me. Some support MSSQL some Oracle and some MySQL. I do not have anyone else that is able to support Postgres except this position we are looking to fill. They all work as team team meetings daily standups etc. but obviously there technologies are different and they tend to manage their own realm with my oversight.

What does the interview process look like? Usually I do two rounds of interview. This will be two or three depending on how involved the app team that they help support wants to be on the interview of the candidate. First interview is very high level usually myself and one other to just gauge skillsets interest etc.. 30 mins. Second would be more technical in nature. Usually 60 mins. If a third is required I would expect it to be a mix and approximately 30 mins. I will try and coordinate the needs of the 2nd and 3rd together so we can expedite where possible. Teams calls are the best for all. Video on the second one is helpful.

Benefit packages for this role will start on the 31st day of employment and include medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as HSA, FSA, and DCFSA account options, and 401k retirement account access with employer matching. Employees in this role are also entitled to paid sick leave and/or other paid time off as provided by applicable law.