Software Engineer III

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Jan 12, 2023



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Aug 03, 2023 Insight Global

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Approved Meta Remote Locations: Denver CO 125.55 New York NY 126.56 Houston TX 125.55 Los Angeles CA 126.56 and San Diego CA 125.55.

As a Software Engineer you will work with RD teams working on core technologies for VR/AR and the Metaverse on bringing up data processing pipelines and Computer Vision tools to better measure performance in large-scale and accelerate internal development of new features. Location Services team's north star is to build the accurate and battery efficient positioning platform across FRL devices that provides lat lon and altitude prediction anywhere in the world.
Our north star serve as the foundation of location-based experiences especially world AR for Reality Labs devices. Imagine a user wearing AR glasses walks down the street we provide position tracking function to enable world locked AR experience. When location based reminder is set e.g. remind me of my shopping list at the grocery store we provide geofence function to trigger the callback at the right time right place.

To enable the above functionalities we build the location prediction model/algorithms using mobile signals e.g. GPS WiFi BLE accelerometer barometer etc and the infrastructure that enables realtime prediction. In particular location services team are investing in the following areas:
Location SDKs on wearables e.g. Orion/Milan to unblock location-based experiences.
GeoAnchor APIs in Spark AR platform to enable world AR experiences.
Cloud wireless positioning services WPS for world-scale FR-based location prediction using signals such as ambient WiFi/cell bluetooth.

Minimum qualifications:
- BSc in Computer Science Software Engineering Electrical Engineering or similar
- At least 3 years of experience as SW engineer
- 3 years of experience in iOS or Android Development
- Good verbal/written communication skills in english
- Team player

Must Have Qualifications:
- Experience in C and Java
- Experience with full stack development
- Cross-platform Android and iOS
- Experience with GPS WiFi BLE accelerometer etc