IT-Mgr, Software Engineering/28/TEC144

Post Date

Dec 30, 2022



ZIP/Postal Code

Apr 25, 2024 Insight Global

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Information Technology

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Pay Rate

$64 - $77 (hourly estimate)

Job Description

This Analyst must have expert knowledge of Microsoft Power BI Visuals Data modeling and transformation techniques and have working experience with end-to-end setup for cloud deployment.
*** Posted as an engineer vs. Analyst because we need to the software engineer side to be able to embed the dashboards/reports in the application. The need to know enough Java and working with APIs to get that done.
PROJECT: Curo is a platform being built to support our CDO operations including prior-authorizations and care management. Some of the technical highlights are:
  • Consolidated clinical data repository
  • Cloud-based solution hosting
  • Integrated data-driven insights using AI technology
  • Configurable framework to create customized market products
  • Functional enhancements and updates delivered regularly
  • Industry standard FHIR/SMART on FHIR compatibility
  • Highly automatable rules for near real-time decision-making
  • Leverage of Enterprise Clinical Platform MicroProducts
  • The position we are seeking will support the build-out of this platform using Power BI as the tool for dashboards and operational reporting
  • 3-5 years of experience with Power BI Pro Cloud.
  • 3-5 years of experience with Power BI Embedded
  • 3-5 years of experience writing complex queries and query optimization.
    *** What experience will set candidates apart from one another?
  • Project experience using Power BI in the cloud
  • Project experience embedding Power BI dashboards in an application
  • Excellent SQL knowledge

    What does the ideal candidate background look like ex: healthcare specific background etc.? We want to be as specific as possible with our firms so they can find the type of candidate youre looking for. Healthcare would be ideal but not required

    Are you open to candidates that would need to be 100 remote for the duration of the engagement? No candidate must be able to go into the Schaumburg IL office or Eden Prairie MN office at least 3x/week. Schaumburg is preferred

    Are you open to candidates that cannot convert to FTE without sponsorship? Prefer able to convert but will be willing to look at ones that do

    What does the team structure look like - how many members and what is the break-down of the teams skill sets ex: 1 PM 4 Developers etc.? My team specifically has 7 team members including myself. 5 onshore and 2 in India. We have DBA DB Developers Python developers and Power BI. The larger Curo team is over 100 team members

    What does the interview process look like?
    a. How many rounds? 2
    b. Video vs. phone? Video camera is absolutely required. Second round will be in-person unless physically impossible
    c. How technical will the interviews be? Quite a bit of technical questions
    d. When do you anticipate starting the interview process? As soon as possible.
  • Benefit packages for this role will start on the 31st day of employment and include medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as HSA, FSA, and DCFSA account options, and 401k retirement account access with employer matching. Employees in this role are also entitled to paid sick leave and/or other paid time off as provided by applicable law.