Angular Python AWS - Fullstack Developer - Remote ATL

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May 12, 2023



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Nov 24, 2023 Insight Global

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Software Engineering

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Job Description

This role will be working on a centralized Analytics Team called OTA (Operations Technology Analytics. The main goals of the org are to increase customer experience, provide more insights on network health, and reduce transactions/touchpoints (customer calls & technician trucks to homes). Team is broken out in a POD structure that operates in Agile & AWS and supports the rest of the business with Analytics (Data Viz, Data Science, Data Engineering) & Software Dev Capabilities.

This person will be working on UI mainly. Residential and business customers. The team is building two different tools that help technicians in the field prioritize where they should work. This tool will use machine learning / analytics to determine what work the field techs should prioritize. If there's a big outage effecting multiple neighborhoods, go to site that will resolve as much of the problem as possible and then go out to remaining sites that are still down. This person is building the UI for the technicians, which allows for real time feedback to make the algorithm smarter. The other potential tool this person could work on is for customer-facing outage maps. This tool will give customers updates on where the field techs are with fixing problems and outages. So, if the internet is out in my neighborhood, I can check the map and see if the technicians are already working on my neighborhood and what the status is on fixing the issue.

Required Skills & Experience

*Proficient in Angular/Java Script/Type Script development, bundling, deployment

*Can stand up and manage new UI applications from the ground up

*Understands and enforces/creates good application organization and design patterns

*General UX experience with business facing applications

*Experience building reporting frameworks

*Experience with Python development

*basic AWS understanding is requirement / basic cloud - will be super helpful / project is already in flight

Nice to Have Skills & Experience

* 3+ years' experience with JavaScript and Python in a software development compacity

* 3+ years of ETL experience in a big/data high availability eco system

* Can deploy an application with Serverless framework

* Experience with GraphQL and how a resolver works

* Can implement basic integrations to AWS products such as ElasticSearch, RDS, Elasticache (redis)

* Experience with Java Script/Type Script and Python Unit and E2E test plan implementation

* Can assist with test setups and maintenance in the pipeline using Jenkins/AWS infrastructure.